We are Big Door Productions, creating an exciting new visual careers platform for young people.

The programmes interactive, dynamic website, series of short films and engaging workshops in schools up and down the country, will explore the “behind the scenes” of the world of work.

Focusing on the 11-18 age group; the programme will have a particular, but not exclusive, focus on those from challenged backgrounds, helping them to fulfil their potential.

We’re all about opening the doors to the world of work and raising the aspirations of young people when choosing a career pathway.

Throughout the programme we will be engaging with many young professionals on film, in their place of work.

Our Goal

Across the world we are conscious that young people in the digital age receive their information through visual content; the idea of a very visual-based career platform is the thinking behind the format of the Big Door project.

Our goal is to visually inspire young people about the boundless opportunities that exist in the world of work today and in the future.

Through the Big Door programme we hope to empower young people to make informed education and career decisions, so that they fulfil their ambitions and contribute positively to their communities, society and the wider UK economy.

“The Programme focuses on the spirit of collaboration with young people assessing their individual needs, while offering collective ideas and solutions to their working futures as young adults”

Big Door is a Not for Profit organisation and a supporter of social mobility initiatives.



Our Team

Angela Center

Angela is the Creative Director at Big Door. Angela realised that there was a distinct lack of information and advice out there for young people when it comes to careers guidance, and so Big Door was born. Having had a variety of jobs herself from professional dance to working in magazine publishing and major exhibitions she’s very curious about what people do when they are at work. 

Joe Ince

Joe is the Marketing executive here at Big Door. He brings a wealth of knowledge in marketing and is very business oriented. Joe has recently graduated university with a degree in Business Management & Marketing, which is more interesting than it sounds. Joe enjoys a good Netflix binge on the weekends but can also be found competing in sporting events around London.   

Alexandra Lunn

Alexandra graduated from The Glasgow School of Art, and now with five years of experience as a graphic designer in international design studios, she has worked with Claridges, Penguin Publishers and The Week US, among others.

Mia Asante

Mia Asante is a highly passionate and enthusiastic video editor for Big Door who over the past five years has taken every opportunity to study and produce films. Mia loves exploring the world around her through filmmaking and skateboards in her free time.

Oliver Diggins

Oliver provides Project Delivery for Big Door. He brings a range of experience from the arts industry and has worked on a number of high profile exhibitions nationally and internationally. In his spare time he coaches football for an Under 18’s Academy team in London.


Jonathan, a videographer for Big Door. Attended Manchester School of Art, majoring in filmmaking. Jonathan previously waited tables, but instead now, works at a table, editing and creating distinctive content.


Christian studied Theology at the University of Exeter, he has worked in property finance and real estate. An avid golfer and dog walker, he is responsible for the development side of Big Door.